Poll - Likely Democratic Primary Voters Choose Cuomo 2 to 1

The latest Siena poll says Gov. Cuomo is in the driver's seat.

With a little more than six weeks until the September 13th Democratic primary, a new Siena poll says incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds a 2-to-1, 60-29% lead over Democratic challenger Cynthia Nixon. 

Not much change in those numbers upstate, where Cuomo holds a 54 to 33% lead over Nixon. 

In the primary race for Attorney General, the big winner, statewide and upstate, among Democrats is undecided. 

42% of statewide voters don't know yet, 52% upstate say they're undecided on who should replace Eric Schneiderman.  

There are four Democrats in that race at the moment. 

Get full details on the poll by clicking here.

Photo: Getty Images


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