Coroner Releases the Cause of Radio Host's Death, Art Bell

A Nevada coroner says longtime radio host Art Bell died of an accidental drug overdose. Bell died in April at his home an hour west of Las Vegas at the age of 72. 

The Clark County Coroner's office in Las Vegas said Wednesday that Bell died of an overdose from a cocktail of four prescription drugs. Two were opioid pain relievers, one was a muscle relaxant, and the other was the tranquilizer Valium. 

Authorities say all the drugs were legally prescribed to Bell. The coroner's office said high blood pressure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease also contributed to his death. 

Bell was best-known as the host of the late-night show Coast to Coast AM, which still airs nightly on WGY. 

The nationally syndicated program focused on Bell's fascination with topics that included UFOs, alien abductions, and crop circles.

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