Survey on PFOA Related Illness in Local Communities Released

PFOA Questionnaire

The results of a one year community health questionnaire dealing with cases of cancer and other illnesses linked to PFOA have been released. 

The questionnaire, which focused on residents in Hoosick Falls, Petersburgh, and Bennington, was conducted by Bennington College and a team of local health experts. 

Of the 443 respondents, 231 reported thyroid disease and there were high occurrences of other diseases and cancers.

Those responsible for this batch of research say that their findings reveal higher numbers of testicular and thyroid cancers in Hoosick Falls than in a 2017 State Department of Health report.

The group is calling for a full disclosure of community health data from the state for Hoosick Falls and Petersburgh, information that has already been collected.

Photo: WNYT


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