Multiple Weekend Events in Albany to Address Recent Violence

Albany Violence

Albany residents are being invited to take part in a series of events over the next couple of days designed to get people to come together, put down the guns, and stop the violence. 

Green Tech Charter School is helping to lead the way with a 3-day "cease fire."  

CEO and Principal Paul Miller says the idea is to convince people to avoid violence for the next day or two, and then come have some fun at a "water war" on Saturday at the Green Tech campus, complete with water guns and water balloons.

At the same time, hundreds came out to Thursday night's "One City United" event at Washington Park. 

Organizer Pastor David Traynham says the idea is to connect people with community programs and services.

And, members of Albany's NAACP branch are holding a meeting this weekend.  

Discussion is expected to focus on reducing the amount of violent crime the city has been dealing with in recent months. 

The branch president says this is the first step in trying to engage the community and getting their input on how to make things better.   The forum is from 11 Saturday morning to 2 Saturday afternoon at the Albany Public Library branch on Washington Avenue.

Photo: WNYT


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