Anger as American Flags at East Greenbush Cemetery Shredded

Holy Sepulchre Cemetary

Some families in East Greenbush are upset, to say the least, after caretakers at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery cleared away personal items from gravesites and piled them up against a maintenance shed so they could cut the grass. 

While many people have been able to claim photographs, urns, and irreplaceable soldier medallions, the question to ask is; what happened to the American flags that decorated the graves of those who served our country?  

Turns out, they've been cut up and are being used to hold up tomato plants at a vegetable garden behind the maintenance shed.

Maria Reardon says she had to go look for her father's VFW plaque recognizing his service in World War II.  She says she and others are upset that they weren't notified in advance, and calls it carelessness, thoughtlessness, and a lack of respect.

Kristen Coyne, whose son is buried at Holy Sepulchre, says she was heartbroken when she discovered missing items. Coyne says she doesn't know that saying sorry would cut it, and she feels it's the very least that should happen.

Photo: WNYT


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