Man Shot in Albany Officer Involved Shooting Had a Knife

Albany Officer Shooting

Court documents show a 19 year old paralyzed in last week's officer involved shooting in Albany allegedly ran toward a detective brandishing a knife, and refused to drop it before he was shot. 

Ellazar Williams is still in Albany Med, facing felony and misdemeanor weapons charges. 

Police are still viewing surveillance video, captured from cameras at the Tony Clement Center on Elk Street.  

The Executive Director of the Center for Law and Justice, Alice Green, says she still has a lot of questions, and still feels she's not getting the complete picture.

Police now say Detective James Olsen fired two shots at Williams, saying he feared for his life. 

Olson and two other detectives involved are on paid administrative leave. 

According to the Times Union, Olson has received several commendations over the years but has also been named in two brutality claims.

Photo: WNYT


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