Listening Session on Regulating Legal Marijuana Held in Albany

Recreational Pot Hearings

There was no shortage of suggestions and questions, as state officials staged the first of 15 listening sessions Wednesday night at Albany‚Äôs Capital Center, dealing with a regulated system for recreational marijuana. 

It was more than just yes or no responses, as many of the comments dealt with the logistics and economics of legalizing pot.

For example, could people grow it at home? 

Would there be equal opportunities for small farmers, or is this just about the big guys?

A recent Health Department study found the potential benefits outweighed the negatives. 

But some, like Barbara Ellman of the Medical Society of New York, aren't convinced.

She says traffic safety is an issue for her.

Rev. Hank McGrath, with Neighbors against Drugs, says putting together a recreational use program in New York State could help address the opioid epidemic. 

The second listening session will be held Thursday evening at SUNY Adirondack in Glens Falls starting at 6:00.

Photo: WNYT


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