New Safety & Testing Initiatives for Capital Region Schools

Back To School

It's back to school for thousands of youngsters across the Capital Region this week. 

There are many new initiatives this year, including some dealing with school safety. 

Among other things, some districts are bringing back armed resource officers while others are mandating "one way in-one way out" at their buildings. 

State School Boards Association Executive Director Tim Kremer says schools are also required to assess the overall climate of the building.

Kremer adds testing has been a "slow slog" over the last decade, but he's seeing a "lowering of the temperature" about testing and opt-outs.  

And, he says the testing process has been reconfigured, and the number of days for testing has been lowered from three to two.

A new Empire Center report says enrollment is dropping to levels not seen since the 1950's, in part because New Yorkers are leaving for other states.

Photo: WNYT


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