Poll: Cuomo Leads Molinaro by Only 2% Upstate

Andrew Cuomo

The Siena Research Institute is out with its first post-primary poll of the governor's race.

Incumbent Democrat Andrew Cuomo leads Republican Marc Molinaro 50% to 28%. 

Cynthia Nixon, on the Working Families line, has 10% support statewide, and three minor party candidates have combined support of 4%. 

Upstate numbers are much different, Cuomo holds only a 2% lead over Molinaro, 38-36%. 

A majority of voters statewide say Cuomo would be better on improving public education, fixing the state's infrastructure, and creating jobs. 

Voters give Molinaro the edge on fighting corruption in state government.  

In the Attorney General's race, Tish James leads Republican Keith Wofford by 14 points.

See complete details of the survey by clicking here.

Photo: Getty Images


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