Kelly's Blog: Fed Up With The News? It's Your Own Fault

Can’t stand the anger and vitriol? Is the state of our country sending you into a pit of despair every time you open Facebook? Have you unfriended or cut off people in your life because you don’t agree with their politics? Do you find yourself swelling with rage when you think about how this is all because of President Trump, Snowflake Liberals or The Fake News Media?

If you are that consumed by all of this, it’s your own fault. It is not Donald Trump’s fault. It is not the liberal's fault. It is not the media’s fault.

Every day, you wake up and have a choice. You can allow your life to be dictated by actions or words that are beyond your control. You can internalize the headlines and let your anger ooze from every pore.  Or, you can choose to filter it out, and focus on the things and the people who matter to you.  Hey, if those people happen to be Donald Trump or Elizabeth Warren, then by all means wallow in despair.  But for most of us, those we love and care about carry much more importance that anyone whose name can be found on a ballot.

There are so many wonderful things and good people in this world, but too many of us are obsessed with searching out the hate to see it. We are blinded by our own outrage, and outrage at someone ELSE’S outrage. It seems to be a never ending cycle of negativity and misplaced anger. Instead of directing your fury at “the other side” or individual people who represent it, make a conscious choice every single day to search out the positive. It doesn’t mean blocking out all news, or all social media. It’s important to stay informed. But recognize that you can’t control what’s happening at the White House, not for another two years. You can’t control what people like Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer hold their press conferences about. You can’t control crazy people with guns, racists with big mouths, or migrant caravans headed for the US.

But you can control YOU. You can choose not to let these things consume you. You can choose not to log onto Facebook and look for fights. You can choose not to write that nasty response to someone’s post. You can choose to keep scrolling. Look for things that make you laugh. Look for things that remind you that overall, life is pretty darn good for most of us, most of the time. Even better, log out of Facebook. Close out twitter and Instagram. Instead of ranting about some idiot who is acting like a jerk on social media, put it aside. Tell your wife you love her instead. Tell your husband how much you appreciate him. Hug your kids. Call your parents while you’re still lucky enough to have them around.

Our time here is short. Spend it wisely. Make better choices. 

-Kelly Lynch

Photo: Getty Images

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