More, 'Distraction' Burglaries in Capital Region

First North Greenbush, then Slingerlands, and now Colonie.

Colonie Police Lieutenant Bob Winn says there have been 3 attempts in recent days, by two people, to distract homeowners, and then burglarize their house.

He says the con by the suspects is in regards to being from the power company, that the power is going to be off in the neighborhood, and that they either need to get access to the house to show residents how to hook up a generator, or to look at their fuse box to see if it was going to be a problem.

The thieves gain access to the home, and steal money or other items.

In Colonie, all three victims described the same type of vehicle: a white S.U.V., with out- of-state license plates.

Two of the attempts were in Colonie and one was in Latham.

Wynn says the two houses in Colonie did not allow them in, however the Latham resident did.

Police urge residents to not allow entry to anyone claiming to be a utility worker, without first calling the utility company to confirm a work order.

Photo: Getty Images

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