Stupid Criminals: Man Late for Work Won't Pull Over for Police

In Indiana, if you’re running late for work, you might not want to lead police on a high speed chase in order to make it there on time. But… that’s what this guy did.

Police officers were driving slowly, on patrol, when this guy pulled up behind them, and started honking and waving his arms at them, gesturing for them to speed it up!

So they pulled over, to see if he was having some sort of issue and needed help, but he blew right by them. As he passed, they noticed he had a brake light out, so they tried to pull him over but he wouldn’t stop.

They wound up chasing him for more than a mile, when he finally pulled into his work parking lot, where they charged him with resisting arrest.

So instead of just being late to work, he was hauled off to the police station and missed the entire day.

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