Family of Troy Pitbull Involved in Altercation Fights Euthanasia

Luna the Pitbull

A family in Troy is fighting to save its dog, as the clock ticks down toward possible euthanasia. 

Luna, a 6-year-old pitbull mix, could be put down Tuesday after the city declared the dog to be dangerous after an altercation with another animal. 

The city claims the dog's owner was offered but turned down a deal calling for a conviction for owning a dangerous dog, which would have meant a fine and securing and training the animal, which would be spared. 

Attorney Margaret Donnelly says her client didn't fully understand her rights after initially agreeing to the city's ruling.

Donnelly says she'll be in county court in hopes of getting a stay and a hearing to prove that Luna is not a violent dog.

Donnelly says her client didn't have an attorney at first and didn't understand her rights.  Donnelly says she'll be in court today, asking for a stay and a hearing to prove that Luna isn't dangerous.

Photo: WNYT


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