Vigil for Murder Victim in Cohoes

candlelight vigil

Still not a lot of information about Friday night's fatal shooting of a teenager in Cohoes.  

17-year-old Johni Dunia was shot on the Mohawk-Hudson bike path along Central Ave. near George St. Family and friends gathered in George St. Park Saturday night as police investigate the teen's murder. 

"I honestly think his mom moved him down here to get him away from all the bad stuff," said Casi Palin, one of those attending the vigil.  "He was really making a change.  He stopped hanging out with the people who were keeping him down."

Cohoes mayor Shawn Morse has said the shooting was an "isolated case," and appears to be something between those who were involved.  Police are being tight lipped about the investigation at this point and are asking anyone with information to contact them.

Photo:  Getty Images

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