New Special Agent in Change in the FBI's Albany Field Office

There is a new face at the top in the FBI's Albany Field Office.

For the first time, the FBI now has a Public Affairs Specialist in place, and members of the local news media were invited into the McCarty Avenue office building for an on-the-record conversation with the new Special Agent in Charge, James Hendricks.

Hendricks comes to the Capital Region from Kentucky, and is a 20-year veteran of the FBI.

Hendricks tells WGY while counter-terrorism remains the number one priority of the Bureau, he is especially concerned about violent crime in the Capital Region.

"We have to do something to curb this violence, and we are working very closely with the Troy Police Department, Schenectady, Albany, all the agencies in the region, to target the worst of the worst, so that we can prosecute these individuals federally, and get them off the streets."

The Albany Field Office is responsible for covering nearly 40-thousand square miles, which includes 32 counties in New York, from the Finger Lakes, to the Canadian border, and also Vermont.

Hendricks says he wants to take a new approach to the Bureau's relationship with the community.

He adds that the months of criticism from the White House has not hurt the FBI's image.

"Nothing related to President Trump at all, that does not impact us here, but what we want to do is be a little more transparent with the public, and to highlight the great work of the men and women of the FBI, here in the Albany field office."

Photo: Getty Images

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