There's Still a Chance Lawmakers Won't Get a Pay Raise

Pay Raise

A state panel has released its final report on legislative pay raises. 

Top state officials, along with members of the Senate and Assembly, are set to get substantial pay raises over the next couple of years, unless the legislature passes a measure to say no.

State Senator George Amedore says he wants to see voters have the final word.

Republican Jake Ashby of Castleton says he's concerned about a possible loss of diversity in the legislature.

The Compensation Committee voted last week to approve a raise for legislators that would hike their salary from $79,500 to $130,000 by 2021, a 64% increase. 

At the same time, lawmakers would have strict limits on outside income, and most leadership stipends, known as "lulus," would be eliminated.

Gov. Cuomo says he thinks the issue will end up in court, but he supports it.

The governor says he supports the pay raise, saying lawmakers work hard and they're away from their families for days on end.

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