Tedisco Wants Governor Cuomo to Pardon Luna the Dog


It may sound like a stunt for the cameras, but they're serious.  

State Sen. Jim Tedisco, along with attorneys and officials of the Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society are asking Gov. Cuomo to *pardon* "Luna," the dog who was sentenced to be euthanized by the city of Troy after an attack on another animal in October. 

The city has revised its dangerous dog law since then, but it isn't retroactive to Luna's case, which could take six to nine months to resolve.  

Tedisco says any dog can have a "bad day," but this is a special case.

He says a pardon from the governor would cut short the appeals and the legal maneuvering, and allow the dog to be home for the holidays with her family. 

The Governor's office is said to be "reviewing" the situation.

Photo: WNYT


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