Many Pets Seized in Troy Animal Hoarding Case Facing Bad Health Problems

Hoarded Troy Pets

Here’s an update on a case of animal hoarding in Troy. 

Officials say some of the dogs, cats, ferrets, and birds seized are doing well, but it will be a tough road for others. 

Some of the cats who were found in the Campbell Avenue home have severe eye infections, and some may have to have an eye removed. 

Kevin McDonough is a city Animal Control officer, says officers had their suspicions about that house.

McDonough believes homeowners Michelle and David Hempstead were breeding some of the animals at some point. 

He thinks it's likely they will face criminal charges.

In the meantime, Humane Society officials say because the raid has left them overcrowded, they're offering half off the adoption fee of any cat or dog one year or older

Photo: WNYT


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