Scheduled Forum on Sanctuary City Status for Troy Cancelled

Troy Sanctuary City

The resolution to make Troy a sanctuary city continues to be a controversial topic. 

A public forum with a panel of law enforcement members was scheduled to meet Saturday at The Pawling Avenue Methodist Church to talk about it. 

However, due to strong opposition, the meeting was cancelled because of pressure on the Church by "outside individuals and groups." 

But, councilmen David Bissember and Anasha Cummings decided to hold the meeting at the Mount Ida Preservation Hall.

According to Bissember, the original panelists confirmed they were attending but didn't show.

Cummings says he's planning on moving forward with the resolution.

The head of the Troy police union has said he is against the resolution, saying the entire situation has become "a circus."

The resolution would direct police and city government employees not to ask about the immigration status of people who seek government services. 

City Council tabled the measure last month.

Photo: WNYT


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