Reports of Someone Impersonating a Police Officer in Bethlehem

Bethlehem Police

Bethlehem police say someone may be impersonating a police officer in the area.

Police say someone in a black Chevy sedan with flashing lights and no front license plate pulled a car over on Route 9W near Church Road in Selkirk last Friday. 

Commander Adam Hornick says police have no record of making that stop.  

A reminder, an officer in an unmarked car can pull you over just like any other, but they are trained to do so in a well-lit, populated area, and are happy to work with you to verify their identity.

According to Hornick, the man was supposedly stopped for having a faulty tail light, but it was found to be working properly. 

Bethlehem Police say they want hear from anyone who may have been in the area that night.

Photo: Getty Images


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