Schoharie County DA Offers Compromise to NTSB Over Limo Crash Investigation

Schoharie Limo Compromise

Schoharie County DA Susan Mallery is proposing a solution to the impasse over the limo crash investigation.

Mallery, who's been criticized by the NTSB, for denying investigators access to the limo that crashed in October, sent a letter to Schoharie County Judge George Bartlett.

The letter suggested the NTSB, under the supervision of the State Police, may "inspect the limousine, photograph it, and measure it." 

Mallery also says "no alteration, removal or destruction" of the evidence by representatives of the agency will be allowed. 

The limousine is currently stored under a large white tent at State Police headquarters in Latham.

On Monday, the NTSB asked the court to "intercede," calling their attempts to access the limo with the district attorney "unproductive and not likely to resolve the impasse."

Photo: WNYT


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