New Proposal to Divide NYC & NYS, Tedisco Likes it, McDonald Says Hold On

An Assemblyman from western New York wants to put a non-binding referendum on the ballot before the end of next year, asking New Yorkers what they think about splitting into two states.

It's an idea that admittedly touches a nerve with many, and it's caught the attention of Republican Sen. Jim Tedisco, who, in a column for the Gazette, says he's all for it.

He says with a Democratic governor, Assembly, and Senate, the checks and balances are gone, and Gov. Cuomo's "progressive agenda" was rushed through too quickly.

Democrat John McDonald says while he's not against a referendum, but people need to be better informed.

Splitting New York into two states is a lot more complicated than just one vote.

It would take years and require a constitutional amendment to be sent to Congress for a nationwide vote.

Photo: WNYT


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