Judge Says ICE Must Settle the Kinomo Ngoran Case in One Week Or Else

A federal judge in Rochester says ICE needs to settle the case of a cook at the Capital City Rescue Mission, and he's giving them one week to do it.

Kinimo Ngoran has been held at a detention center in Batavia since late January.

At a hearing Monday, the judge says Ngoran seems to be caught in an "administrative boondoggle," and says if ICE doesn't resolve the situation, he will.

His attorney, Gregory Copeland, says he and Ngoran's wife Lisa have their fingers crossed.

Lisa has some optimism about her husband's case.

She says navigating this legal obstacle course has been a nightmare.

Ngoran came to the United States illegally from the Ivory Coast more than a decade ago, and has been trying to obtain legal permanent resident status ever since.

A number of local officials, including Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan and Sheriff Craig Apple, have been very vocal in their support for Ngoran's case.

Apple even sent a tweet to President Trump seeking help.

So far, there’s no answer on that.

Photo: WNYT


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