Worries About Speeding After Car-Pedestrian Accident on 8th Street in Troy

Troy police have ticketed the driver in this week's car-pedestrian accident on 8th Street in Troy Tuesday night, but also say the fact that a teenage girl was walking in the middle of the street contributed to the incident.

The girl is expected to be okay, but many in the area say they're concerned about cars speeding down the street.

Priscilla Hilton McAuley says her mother lives on 8th Street, and fears it could be them the next time.

Police say speed bumps aren't feasible, but they will consider a speed trailer on the street to gather data about how fast people are going.

The city speed limit is 30 mph.

The unidentified girl was taken to the hospital with several injuries, but is expected to be okay.

Photo: Getty Images


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