Fatal Berkshire County Fire Now Called a Murder-Suicide

Authorities in Berkshire County now say they believe this week's tragic fire that left a family of five dead was, in fact, a murder-suicide.

DA Andrea Harrington isn't releasing a lot of details, but says this appears to have been the work of 41-year-old Luke Karpinski.

He, his wife Justine Wilbur, a patent attorney with the intellectual property firm of Hoffman Warnick in Albany, and their three children were all found dead early Wednesday morning.

Hoffman Warnick issued a statement on Thursday calling Wilbur dedicated, hardworking and a true friend to everyone in the firm.

Harrington isn't talking about a possible motive, or if there were any weapons in the house.

Hoffman Warnick did issue a statement calling Justine Wilbur knowledgeable, dedicated, and hardworking, and a true friend to everyone in the firm.

Photo: WNYT


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