Decision on Dissolving St. Clare's Corporation Delated

A Schenectady County Court judge has delayed a decision on dissolving the St. Clare's Corporation.

Attorneys have said the pension fund was near bankruptcy and some 1,100 retirees would either have their pensions reduced or ended altogether.

But now, the state attorney's general's office will have until April 30th to put together documentation about the financial state of the corporation.

Retiree Mary Hartshorne says she and others got their hopes up when some area state lawmakers said they would get involved.

Hartshorne thinks the judge's decision to allow more time to study the St. Clare's pension collapse is a hopeful sign for the retirees.

Sheila Etienne worked for St. Clare's for 25 years, and says she's had to postpone retirement.

Right now, those who retired before November 2015 are getting 70% of their benefits, but anyone who retired after that is getting nothing.

Retirees have said finding out how much is actually owed to them has been difficult, and there has been some talk about some money coming from the Mother Cabrini Foundation.

Photo: WNYT


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