Niskayuna Town Supervisor Formally Invites Simpsons to Visit

"Taste Of Springfield" Press Event At Universal Studios Hollywood

On Sunday night, Homer Simpson took his family on a trip to Niagara Falls. In the episode titled "D'Oh Canada", Homer drove by a leaky "Niskayuna" water tower, while singing his own version of "New York, New York."

The scene includes things like Homer and just one other person cheering for the Buffalo Bills, and the song ends with an ode to Saratoga. You can see the entire episode HERE.

Now, Niskayuna Town Supervisor Yasmine Syed has released the following statement:

“Like many of you, I have seen last night’s episode of the Simpsons. In one sense I’m relieved because this explains the several noise complaints we received for a middle aged man singing an out of tune rendition of ‘New York, New York’ while driving down Balltown Road. However, I would like to personally invite Homer and his family to swing back through and stay for a few days on their way back from Canada, no hotel points needed.

“Homer believes there’s no ‘fancy part of it,’ but during their all too brief pass through Niskayuna they likely missed our splendid open spaces like Blatnick and River Road Park, the scenic Mohawk Hudson bike trail, our gorgeous and safe neighborhoods, our burgeoning retail centers like the Niskayuna Co-op, Shop Rite Square and Mohawk Commons, and our award winning school district, where Bart, Lisa and eventually little Maggie would receive a superior education to anything offered in Springfield.

“I hope Homer and Marge will take me up on my offer to be their personal tour guide so they can see for themselves that our water tower is leak-free and that Homer’s satirical song rings hollow when it comes to Niskayuna. I can promise they’ll like it so much, they may even stay a while and help boost the upstate population by five.”

Photo: Getty Images

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