Robo Call Scam Hitting New York Could Cost You Lots of Money

Robo calls, we all get them and we all hate them, especially late at night.

There's a scam now targeting New York State, a one-ring call supposedly from the country code 222 that tries to convince you to call back.

Senator Chuck Schumer was in Albany on Monday to talk about a legislative push to greatly reduce them.

And he says this is something both sides of the aisle should be able to agree on.

The bill would require telecommunications companies to adopt technology that would authenticate a call's originating number, and allow people to understand where a call is really coming from.

Diane Conroy La Civita, the Executive Director for the Colonie Senior Service Center, says the bill will make it easier for people to report scam calls, because they will have a better understanding of them.

And as for that 222 call, don't call back.

You could be hit with a charge of hundreds of dollars per minute.

Photo: Getty Images


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