Two Troy Fires in One Day, Calls for a Backup Set of Gear Over Health Fears

There was a second big fire in Troy Wednesday.

An old warehouse on Pawling and Forest went up in flames just after 5 in the afternoon.

Firefighters got the flames under control in about an hour, but with the conditions they had to deal with Wednesday, two major fires just hours apart (the first was at Alpha Lanes), some people are calling for the city to purchase another set of turnout gear because there was no opportunity for decontamination.

Firefighters Local 86 President Eric Wisher says another set of gear would cost the city about $340,000.

Chief Eric McMahon says in a perfect world, another set of turnout gear would be ideal, but he says it's not in the budget.

Fire officials say it appears the warehouse was empty at the time of the fire.

Photo: WNYT


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