School Budget Vote Results in Some Communities Facing Big Cuts

"So what happens now?"

That's the question in a couple of area communities after Tuesday's school budget votes.

In both Lansingburgh and Johnstown, voters needed to approve school budgets by a 60% super-majority because the tax hike exceeded the state cap, but those votes fell short.

Johnstown Board President Kathy Dougherty says historically, they've kept taxes as low as possible.

One possibility, re-submit the budget with a 14.6% increase.

But that will likely mean cuts to sports, many extracurricular activities, and Advanced Placement classes.

In Saratoga Springs, the debate is very different, whether or not to re-arm school grounds monitors.

Only one school board candidate, Dean Kolligian, ran on a platform to give weapons back to the monitors.

He says he's looking forward to a chance to present his arguments.

Board members voted 5-4 last October to take the guns away from the monitors.

As things appear to stand now, that's how it lines up with the new board.

Photo: WNYT


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