Woman Struck By Minivan and Dies During Scotia Memorial Day Parade

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The 69 year old woman who died has been identified as Charlene Pomichter of Glenville. The driver of the Senior Center Van was 75 year old Roger Peugh of Scotia. Scotia Police say that drug and or alcohol use were *not* contributing factors in the fatal accident.

Memorial Day parade in Scotia takes a tragic turn.

An unidentified 69-year-old woman is dead after she's struck by a minivan while waiting to join the parade with others from the Glenville Senior Center, part of a group staging on Hawk Street.

As everyone started to make their way downhill toward Mohawk Avenue, a Senior Center van suddenly accelerated, striking the woman and pushing her into the rear of another vehicle, pinning her between the two.

Several people, including a nurse and a couple of firefighters rushed to help.

The woman was pronounced dead at Ellis Hospital.

Photo: Getty Images


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