Hudson River Boat Launch in Troy Now Open

Local and state leaders were in Troy to announce the completion of a new concrete boat launch on the Hudson River, at Ingalls Avenue.

The site, located in Troy's North Central Neighborhood, is just south of the Federal Lock and Dam.

Canal Corp Director Brian Stratton is encouraging residents to get out on the water, adding that for the third consecutive year, there is free navigation along the canal system.

Mayor Madden says this is just one step of his waterfront revitalization plan.

Madden says his plan includes working on the waterfront park down in the central business district; it will be extending riverfront park further north, and officials will be looking to connect the areas with bike and foot trails, so people can walk along the river.

He adds that this is an opportunity for residents to take advantage of the river, which is, in many cases, just outside their door, and has, for years, been blocked by overgrowth.

The Ingalls Avenue boat ramp project was funded through several New York State Waterfront access and improvement grant programs.



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