New Siena Poll Shows Statewide & Upstate Say No to 4th Cuomo Term

There are some good numbers and some not so good numbers for Gov. Cuomo in the latest Siena Research poll.

Statewide, his favorability rating, 52%, is the highest in over a year.

Upstate, 56% have an unfavorable view.

A wide margin both statewide and upstate, say he shouldn't run for a 4th term.

As for end-of-session issues that are still facing the legislature, 55% statewide say "yes" on recreational marijuana.

Over 80% statewide and upstate say they support eliminating the religious exemption for vaccinations.

53% statewide and 62% upstate are saying "no" to illegal immigrants getting a driver's license.

To view the entire poll, click here.

Photo: Getty Images


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