Introduced Measure Calls for Troy Voters to Decide Sanctuary City Status

The sanctuary city issue in Troy remains up in the air.

Originally set for a vote last week, it was pulled from city council's agenda.

Now, council president Carmella Mantello and fellow Republican Jim Gulli have introduced a measure that would prohibit designating Troy as a sanctuary city, and calling on voters to decide the issue in November.

Mayor Patrick Madden is said to be opposed to sanctuary status, but continues to advocate for further talks on the matter.

Mantello says Madden and council members David Bissember and Anasha Cummings have been tweaking the language of the sanctuary city bill behind closed doors, something she doesn't feel is fair or transparent.

Mantello says public hearings on her measure will be held across the city next month, with a council vote in August.

Photo: WNYT


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