New Poll Shows Voters Statewide & Upstate Divided on Mueller Report Results

There’s a new Siena poll on the Mueller report that shows New York voters, upstate and statewide, divided on many aspects of it.

In light of the findings, half of statewide voters say the case is closed, while 45% say the House Judiciary Committee should begin an impeachment investigation.

Upstate, 56% say "case closed."

But, on the question of whether President Trump obstructed justice, 59% statewide say yes, he did, and 53% say he committed impeachable offenses.

It's an even split on that question among upstate voters.

But, did Mueller's report exonerate the President?

Nearly 70% of both statewide and upstate voters say "no, it didn't."

Roughly 60% say Mueller's investigation was handled fairly.

Read the full poll by clicking here

Photo: Getty Images


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