Another Chance at Passing a Revised Spending Plan in Johnstown

They're getting ready for a do-over in the Johnstown School District, where a package with a 35% tax levy increase didn't get the 60% super-majority last month.

Details of the revised spending plan were unveiled Tuesday night.

It calls for a 14.6% tax hike, but also the loss of 19 staff positions, including 13 teachers.

There's some money for athletics, but the district would have to raise more than $300,000 to keep its teams on the field.

High School junior Jacob Frenyea says keeping extracurricular activities for students is crucial.

If this budget doesn't pass next Tuesday, the district would have to adopt a contingency budget that would do away with some band, choir, and art programs.

And the community would have to raise $500,000 for its athletic teams.

Photo: WNYT


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