Reward Program Proposed to Cut Down on Illegal Dirt Bikes & ATV's in Albany

The city of Albany is considering a new way to cut down on the illegal use of dirt bikes and ATV's on city streets.

Common Council is set to look at a reward program that sponsor Richard Conti says is not necessarily a solution, but more of a tool the city can use.

Conti says Chief Eric Hawkins will develop the standards and guidelines for the program.

He says it's not illegal to own a dirt bike, and people would have to provide information related to illegal use of it.

The reward program could bring someone as much as $25,000 for issues related to a felony charge.

Conti says he plans to introduce the measure next week.

Police have impounded several ATV's in recent weeks.

The measure will go to council's public safety committee for discussion before a full vote can be taken.

Photo: WNYT


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