What you should know about the New York State Archives Partnership Trust

New York State Archives Partnership trust

The New York State Archives holds many of the oldest and most important archival treasures in the nation. It contains 26 miles of documents, photographs, maps, plans and more that cover 400 years of New York's history. These records are available to teachers to use as primary source materials to help teach kids about civics and more. They also provide teaching guides to help bring these documents into the teaching curriculum.

Listen below as Joe interviews Thomas J. Ruller, Assistant Commissioner for Archives and State Archivist as well as Chief Executive Officer of the New York State Archives Partnership Trust.

The Archives Partnership Trust was founded in 1992 to build an endowment and provide project support to enhance humanities programs, increase access to these outstanding treasures, and continue the preservation of New York's historical records. Since its founding, the Partnership Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has supported exceptional projects and programs. These include the Research Residency Program, the Student Research Awards Program, history conferences, special exhibitions, public education programs, book signings and lectures, publications, teacher training institutes, preservation projects, and more.

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