LISTEN: President Trump Discusses Iran, Middle East with Rush Limbaugh

President Trump is threatening that the U.S. could respond in a "disproportionate manner" if Iran retaliates for the killing of a top Iranian military general. On Twitter, Trump said his social media posts are serving as notification to Congress that he'll "quickly & fully strike back" if Iran attacks U.S. targets. He noted that this "legal notice" isn't required, but he's giving it nonetheless.

The U.S. launched an airstrike last week that took out the leader of an elite Iranian special operations unit. The U.S. blamed him for the deaths of hundreds of U.S. service members.

The President called into The Rush Limbaugh Show Monday afternoon to discuss the middle east. Listen below. You can hear Rush Limbaugh on WGY weekdays 12pm-3pm.

Photo: Getty Images

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