Cuomo Appears Open to Making Changes in Bail Reform Laws

Governor Cuomo is considering possible changes to New York's controversial bail reform law that went into effect this year.

On Monday, Cuomo defended the decision to end cash bail for many offenses, calling the system, inherently unjust.

However, he did acknowledge they were looking at the effect of the new law, and are contemplating making other changes.

Cuomo says in the coming weeks, there will be conversation with the legislature regarding what adjustments will be made.

His comments come after a homeless man accused of unprovoked attacks on women was released and arrested again last week.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is joining fellow Republicans in calling for change to New York's controversial bail reform law.

Stefanik, who represents the 21st Congressional District, is supporting a bill she believes will take a closer look at the bail reform laws she claims puts the safety of New Yorkers at risk.

There’s a vote Tuesday night at 6 by Rensselaer County lawmakers on a resolution, which will call for the state legislature to repeal the state's new bail reform laws.

The legislation was introduced last week, during what was supposed to be the county legislature's fourth public hearing on this controversial issue, but no one attended to speak out about it, lawmakers says it's still clear it's clear support for the new bail reform laws is dwindling.

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