Governor Cuomo Compares Restarting Society To "Opening A Valve"


Governor Andrew Cuomo says restarting the economy and returning to normalcy will be sort of like slowly opening a valve, as the coronavirus fallout continues. The governor says while they expand on what employees are considered "essential", and lift restrictions on the workplace, a close eye will be kept on the overall infection rate. Cuomo indicates the balance officials need to strike involves letting things open, while also avoiding a major spike in infection numbers. He explains that with hospitalization numbers slowing, it appears the state has avoided a worst-case scenario, in that the healthcare system has not been overwhelmed.

Officials report COVID-19 has now claimed over 10,000 lives in New York. Cuomo says looking at graphs that map increasing hospitalization rate, it appears the spread of coronavirus is being successfully slowed. He's working with the governors of New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania, in order to develop a regional strategy towards reopening things.

During today's Albany County coronavirus briefing, County Health Commissioner Dr. Elizabeth Whalen responded to requests to provide some good news. She says of the county's 475 total cases of COVID-19, 216 people have been released from their observation. As a result, those living with or who have come into prolonged contacted with someone who was positive are also being released from mandatory quarantine. Whalen says those from high risk groups are also recovering but, unfortunately, some younger people and those without underlying medical conditions are also suffering more severe effects. Whalen says the vast majority of residents in Albany County are *not* immune to COVID-19 and should continue practicing social distancing.

Photo: Getty Images

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