Governor Cuomo: Some Areas of New York Can Begin to UnPAUSE May 15


Governor Cuomo said in Monday's briefing that some regions will begin to "UnPAUSE" on May 15th.

New antibody testing data released shows that 2.1% of people in the Capital District have tested positive,1.2% in the North Country, 2.6% in Mohawk Valley, and 10.4% in the Hudson Valley.

Out of the 7,500 people tested statewide, 14.9% have tested positive for coronavirus antibodies.

Cuomo said, "you've got to be smart and start thinking through what it means to reopen." The governor says that includes social distancing, monitoring cases, health care capacity and tracing and testing systems. In addition, the death rate from COVID-19 continues to decline, with 337 people passing away Sunday. Hospitalizations and intubations also continue to decrease.

Photo: Getty Images

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