Delmar Man Arrested For Throwing Brick at Albany Police Officer During Riot

ALBANY, NY – A 21-year-old Delmar man who threw a brick at an Albany police officer during a riot last night at the Albany Police South Station has been arrested.

James Vail was arrested following collaboration with the Albany community and an investigation by detectives.

On Saturday, May 30, 2020 at approximately 7:00 p.m., Vail threw a brick at the head of a uniformed Albany police officer at the police station on Arch Street in the City of Albany. As a result, the officer sustained a concussion and had to be treated at a local hospital.

Veil is also responsible for throwing a brick at the window of a marked Albany police car parked at the police station and causing the window to shatter.

Veil has been charged with Riot 1st, Criminal Mischief 3rd , Assault 2nd and Attempted Assault 1st .

He is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow in Albany City Criminal Court.

Photo/Source: Albany PD

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