Schenectady's Police Chief Calls Out Congressman Tonko

Schenectady Police Chief Eric Clifford took to Twitter to express his disappointment with Congressman Paul Tonko.

The Congressman tweeted Tuesday, saying he was enraged and heartbroken to see the tactics used by a Schenectady Police Officer during an incident Monday morning on Brandywine Avenue. Police Chief Clifford fired back online, saying he was disappointed to see Tonko rush to judgment before the investigation is complete.

An internal investigation continues after video showed an officer kneeling on a man's neck. Chief Clifford said yesterday the breathing of Yugeshwar Gaindarpersaud was never impaired during Monday's incident.

Officers had been called to that area to investigate a report of slashed tires when Gaindarpersaud resisted arrest, causing an officer to hold him down and handcuff him.

Chief Clifford says body camera footage of the arrest could be made available as early as today.

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