Stupid Criminals: Man Threatens People With a Knife, Falls, Stabs Himself

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Police were called to a home in Pennsylvania where a guy was threatening to stab other people. He and another guy had gotten into a fight and he pulled a knife out and was threatening to use it. Well, he tripped and fell and stabbed himself.

He wasn't seriously injured, but I guess he was telling the truth. He was going to stab someone. But in this case, it was himself.

This week in Ohio, a man and his son were having an arm wrestling match. But, the dad lost multiple times and became so angry that he lost that his son walked away from him. When he was walking up the stairs, the father fired two shots at him. The son called police, but when the police arrived, the father wouldn't let them in. Finally after eight hours, he gave up and surrendered. He was charged with endangerment.

In Oregon, police got a call about a stolen Toyota Land Cruiser. They tracked it down and then got into a chase with the guy driving it. He was speeding through tow, and crashed into a Buick Regal with a woman inside. When police caught up with him, they arrested him. But, then they discovered that the woman he hit was also driving a stolen vehicle and was driving drunk.

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