Jockey Restrictions Announced at Saratoga Race Course

The New York Racing Association announced on Tuesday that until further notice, out-of-town jockeys will not be allowed to ride at Saratoga Race Course.

Additionally, any member of the regular NYRA jockey colony who travels to ride at any other racetrack will not be permitted to return to Saratoga. NYRA says there are currently 22 active jockeys that are considered part of the Saratoga colony.

Out-of-town jockeys that are not currently riding at another racetrack may be considered for inclusion in the regular jockey colony as long as they do not ride at another racetrack beginning on Thursday.

Any jockey who races elsewhere will be considered an out-of-town jockey and will not be allowed at Saratoga.

In a statement, NYRA President and CEO Dave O'Rourke says, "Unfortunately, the restrictive travel policies implemented today have become necessary as cases continue to rise in states across the country."

Photo: Getty Images

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