Governor Cuomo Calls For $500 Billion In Unrestricted Federal Aid

Photo: Getty Images

Governor Andrew Cuomo is calling on the state's congressional representatives to secure $500 billion in unrestricted federal aid, during the next round of COVID-19 stimulus spending.

Cuomo says the state and its various agencies face mounting deficits, which will lead to drastic budget cuts, and increased costs for consumers. Specifically, he mentioned the financial problems at both the MTA and Port Authority, given the way commuting and travel has slowed over the past months.

Cuomo wants the $500 billion secured for New York over the next three years time, saying there's presently enough money for education, but not for hospitals and aspects of city government. Cuomo says its likely commuter fares, tolls, and even property taxes would increase, if this level of funding is not secured.

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