Shelter in Place, Businesses Evacuated After Chemical Spill in Selkirk

Photo: Getty Images

An evacuation and a shelter in place has been issued in Selkirk after emergency crews responded to a hazmat incident in this morning. According to a release from Bethlehem Police, around 6:00 Tuesday morning, fire and police arrived at the scene at SABIC in response to an unknown amount of styrene, a synthetic chemical used in producing plastics, that was released from a rail car on the property.

Police released a statement: "At this time the joint Command post is issuing a ½ mile radius evacuation of non-essential businesses within the area of SABIC in Selkirk. We are advising residents within one mile of the Selkirk SABIC to shelter in place."

Non-essential businesses within a half mile radius are being evacuated and residents within a one mile radius are being advised to shelter in place.

Governor Cuomo's office released a statement saying, "The release of this hazardous chemical has been halted and state personnel are on the scene now working to contain any potential spread. While this is an evolving situation, it is currently under control and we will continue coordinating with local officials and mobilize any resources necessary to protect the health and safety of New Yorkers in the affected area."

This is a developing story.

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