Report: New York Second Most Moved-Out-Of State in 2020

Photo: Getty Images

New York was the number two most moved-out-of-state last year with a net loss of 49 percent, according to a recent Hire-A-Helper migration report.

It means for every person who moved to New York, about two people moved out. Hire-A-Helper spokesperson Jaclyn Lambert tells WGY News some of the financial motivations cited for moving, "35 percent moved simply due to lack of job or income and 31 percent stated moving in with family. That's over half of people moving and likely attempting to cut cost of living."

The report found a quarter of those who moved last year did so because of the pandemic. When it comes to moves that originated in New York, 86 percent of people actually stayed within the state.

Lambert attributes it to the desire to leave larger cities, "While we don't know the exact motivations of why they are moving, the fact that these are all pretty close moves signals that perhaps these moves are simply seeking a reprieve from pandemic life in New York."

As the pandemic hit hardest in the spring and summer months, 30 percent more Americans moved last fall than in the year before.

For the full report CLICK HERE.

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