State Budget Deal Reached, $2.1 Billion Dedicated to Illegal Immigrants

Photo: Getty Images

Early this morning, state lawmakers passed a $212 billion budget deal that includes close to four-billion in new taxes, gives the green light to legal sports betting, and will give unemployment benefits to some illegal immigrants.

$2.1 billion will go to illegal immigrants who didn't qualify for stimulus checks or unemployment benefits.

The budget will also raise taxes on the state's highest earners and big businesses. Individuals earning more than one-million-dollars a year, and couples earning more than two-million-dollars a year will see the biggest income tax hikes.

Some lawmakers say the new tax increases will push more of the state's wealthiest out of state. They also fear big businesses will move down South where corporate taxes are lower.

Sports betting across the state could begin in time for the NFL season this Fall.

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